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Customize Dynamics 365 or get a custom application

Do out-of-the-box standard configurations for CRM or other systems not completely suit your needs? Then custom development might be the way to go for your business. If so we can build whatever you need:

  • ​Customization of Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Desktop Application development
  • Mobile Application development

We are always ready to help you clarify your exact needs, so do not hesitate to reach out.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization

We offer a broad range of services within Dynamics 365: small customizations, extensive vertical solutions and enterprise-grade CRM system development.

​We always value best practices, high quality, performance and maintainability.

Our team of highly trained and experienced developers - some with over a decade of experience working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM - are ready to create a system that will meet your needs.

Desktop application development

The desktop applications we build are mostly used as a supplement to Web and Cloud based solutions. Examples of applications we build are:

  • ​Data entry / LOB (line of business) applications
  • Administration / management applications
  • Tools supporting system customization
  • Custom data integration and transformation tools

When developing desktop applications, we mainly focus on the Windows platform and .NET based technologies like WPF, UWP or Windows Forms.

Mobile application development

With our extensive experience we can quickly deliver mobile apps using the highest technological standards and providing great user experience.

Our certified team of Mobile developers build a wide range of mobile applications for any platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, UWP) using Xamarin. We mainly provide line-of-business, work efficiency improvement and data entry applications.

Your future application can of course be integrated with a broad range of other applications including Microsoft Dynamics and custom web services.

Would you like to know more?

Contact sales on tel. +45 70 20 20 69 or by e-mail