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Focus on what you do best and let us do the rest

Why struggle with managing technical parts of a project if your time can be better spent elsewhere?

With our consultancy services you'll get strong Technical Project Managers, Solution and Enterprise Architects or other technical profiles to handle all technical aspects of your project.

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If you are interested in our services we can arrange an introduction meeting (physical, online or by phone) to discuss how you can benefit from our consultancy service.

Technical Project Management

Global Solutions 365 can contribute to the success of your IT project by taking on the role of a Technical Project Manager. Too often we see companies struggle with technical issues when developing, implementing or maintaining IT systems while (furtunately) they are accelerating in other parts of their business.

That's why we have identified a need for offering Technical Project Management. ​ This could include:

  • Supporting the overall Project Management in defining the Business Case for the IT project
  • Supporting the definition of project scope
  • Translation of business requirements into technical requirements
  • Managing time and resources
  • Monitoring of progress

Why use a Technical Project Manager?

We can help you bridge business and IT and give you a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of IT initiatives.

This makes the Technical Project Manager a valuable asset in your project management team, contributing with a unique perspective on planning, estimation and risks that may not be apparent.

The Technical Project Manager also has an understanding of the technical challenges of IT projects and can help you by facilitating communication with and reporting to the project team and other stakeholders throughout the project. ​

Solution and enterprise architecture

Complex systems not necessarily require complex solutions, but they do require appropriate architecture. Projects failing or exceeding budget are often the result of inadequate solution architecture. Solutions developed ad hoc tend to become a maintenance nightmare – and, in the worst case, they never reach a stable and usable state.

​What architecture provides is a solid foundation for development and a maintainable solution in the future. Having worked with IT solutions for a very long time, we have seen and worked with multiple approaches. So, we know what works and what doesn't work.

Quality, performance and maintainability

We highly appreciate solid code architecture, design patterns, distributed fail-proof solutions, the importance of change management and automated builds and deployments. These are the foundations for ensuring quality, performance and maintainability.

We are aware of certain product limitations (e.g. for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement) and can propose workarounds.

Our solution and enterprise architecture services apply to both new greenfield projects and stepping into projects that are struggling.

Infrastructure within SQL / CRM / Tibco Scribe / ADFS

Our experienced IT consultants can assist in setting up the infrastructure required for on-premises Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Tibco Scribe integration services. We can determine the optimal hardware on which to run your systems and secure Dynamics 365 with ADFS used for Single Sign-on.

Zabbix monitoring

Our Zabbix certified consultants set up full application monitoring using the industry-leading Zabbix software.

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