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Combining the most vital sales & marketing initiatives

ClickDimensions PowerPack boosts sales and marketing efficiency, conversions, and win rates for Microsoft-centric SMBs by integrating Marketing Automation, CRM, and Sales Engagement. 



Customer Relationship Management 

Supercharge your pipeline and build revenue with a modern CRM. 

Marketing Automation

Effortlessly generate qualified leads for your sales pipeline with automation.  

Sales Engagement Solution

Nurture prospects with automated outbound marketing efforts.



Leverage Global Solutions 365’s top-tier expertise for PowerPack success

Secure a distinct competitive advantage with the robust capabilities of this leading sales and marketing solution – PowerPack. Download our features sheet to learn how Global Solutions 365 can tackle your business challenges with PowerPack.


Propel business growth with PowerPack and Global Solutions 365

As an exclusive PowerPack launch partner, Global Solutions 365 provides the only all-in-one CRM, marketing automation, and sales enablement solution. This cost-effective, user-friendly, and Microsoft-centric solution is designed for SMBs to unify their sales and marketing operations. Choose PowerPack to take advantage of:

  • Greater Visibility: Understand the impact of your sales and marketing efforts.  
  • Silo Elimination: Collaborate seamlessly across teams using a single source of truth.  
  • Microsoft Integration: Integrate natively with your Microsoft technology stack. 
  • Increased Efficiency: Combine three solutions into one, eliminating duplicate effort. 
  • Reduced Costs: Save money with an affordable and easy to use all-in-one solutions.
  • More Deals Won: Modernize your sales and marketing approach for today’s buyers expecations and needs. 

Optimize your revenue stack

PowerPack enables a unification of sales and marketing and equips SMBs with the tools needed to simplify and modernize their approach and effortlessly navigate the evolving buyer landscape.


Global Solutions 365 partners with ClickDimensions to launch PowerPack

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