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Dynamics 365 / CE GDPR Audit Log

Due to EU regulations, in some industries, full data access audit is required. Dynamics 365 has for a long time audited data changes, but full data access autiting is only available - with limited capabilities - in the online version of the product.

In order to fill this gap we have developed an extensive GDPR audit solution, which plugins right into any Dynamics 365 / CE system starting from CRM 2013 up to the latest versions. It's fully supported both in on-premise and online* scenarios.

The solution works by tracking all data reads happening in the CRM system. As an administrator you can configure which entities and fields you want to track and exclude certain users from tracking. The tracked information includes - exact data read by the user, the actual query, the user reading the data, date & time of read.

The audit data can be stored in several places:

  • CRM (dedicated entity)

  • Directly in SQL (fastest)

  • Azure Storage Tables

  • Web service (possibility to plug in any custom audit target)

The data audit works asynchronously, so it has minimal impact on the observed performance of the system.


Please see the solutions manual to learn more.


* In online deployments some integrations (like direct SQL writing) are not supported, although it offers several alternatives.

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