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Client testimonials

We collaborate with a lot of brilliant businesses and we are humbled that some of them have spent time writing down some nice words about our work.

dnp denmark

"We have been working together with Global Solutions 365 for several years now on our Microsoft Cloud CRM solution at dnp Denmark.

Their consultants act as sparring partners for new initiatives and support our daily ad-hoc tasks.

We feel confident in our choices with a smaller partner such as Global Solutions 365, as we learned that this provides a greater personal insight into both solution and products, which results in better sparring and understanding of the need to resolve any critical tasks quickly, or to provide the correct sparring on changes and projects."

DTU (Technical University of Denmark) ​

"We have been collaborating with Global Solutions 365 for several years, since the launch of our CRM platform at DTU.

The consultants have always solved all technical challenges, met the deadlines and served as sparring partners on our projects, and they have become a natural part of our development team."


"We at Novasol have been collaborating with Global Solutions 365 since we started using Microsoft CRM.

​They act as a fantastic sparring partner, as they have a wide knowledge of many systems and how they can work in relation to each other to give us the best benefit.

Global Solutions 365 has assisted Novasol with setting up and customizing CRM system and associated integrations and monitoring to ensure quick process should a crash occur somewhere.
In addition, they provide all-round support both in relation to users but also on the technical side.

Global Solutions 365 has also helped us develop an App with integration to CRM and our backend system, where they have played a major role on the technical side in relation to mappings and integrations.

Global Solutions 365 comes with the warmest recommendations from Novasol where they are considered part of the family"