We are Global Solutions 365

We are a dedicated team working with CRM and integrations with many years of experience in multiple areas.


Our main focus areas are:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM)

  • Click Dimensions

  • .NET software development

  • Mobile applications using Xamarin for iOS and Android

  • Scribe / Tibco Integrations

  • SSIS Integrations

We support all your business needs in all areas, whether you are starting a new project or need support for an existing system.

The team 

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Anders Jeppesen 

Senior CRM & Integration Specialist, founder of Global Solutions 365


Anders is a CRM expert with more than 10 years of Microsoft Dynamics CRM experience. He has worked on a wide range of projects worldwide where the number of users has varied from 5 user deployments to enterprise deployments with 1000+ users.

Dedicated to customer needs and requirements, Anders customizes CRM, works on advanced reports (SSRS), and migrates and integrates data to and from Microsoft Dynamics CRM primarily using Scribe Insight.

Łukasz Grzybowski-Glikman

Software Developer, Partner

Łukasz is a skilled Microsoft stack developer with 13+ years of professional experience in building and designing back office systems up to enterprise scale. He has 10 years hands-on experience working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since version 4.0 as a developer, architect and technical consultant. 


With a great interest in computer science and IT, Łukasz constantly keeps abreast of the latest technology trends. He also has strong skills in abstracting business requirements into domain-specific systems design.

Lars Simonsen

Business Consultant

Lars is a business consultant with a solid understanding of both business and the technical side. As a former teacher of mathematics, history and music, Lars enjoys finding the right solution to the customer’s problems.


Lars is handles end-to-end CRM and integration projects, daily support/change requests for customers' running business systems and data validation checks as part of the day-to-day support.

Ankit Kumar Bansal

Software Developer

Ankit is an experienced .NET developer with more than 6 years of experience. He is proficient in a variety of platforms and systems and he has been implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for 3 years.

With a solid knowledge of Scribe Insight along with CRM and .Net skills, Ankit has a deep understanding of installation and development of Scribe connectors which interact between the different systems.

Kamal Kant

Software developer

Kamal has more than 5 years of experience as a .NET developer in a business application context. His expertise is in analysis, design and development of client/server, web based and n-tier applications. He is proficient in a variety of platforms and systems.

Kamal takes pride in providing value-creating contributions, and he is often a key player in the projects he works on. He enjoys working in a challenging and creative environment.

Shivam Singh

Software developer

Shivam is a Software Developer with more than 3 years of Microsoft Technology Xamarin experience. He has worked with multiple clients on very different projects with a focus on mobile development.


Shivam develops cross-platform mobile apps, works on advanced mobile apps with IOT device integration, and designs complex but user-friendly UI's. He is also skilled at Multi Platform development (Android, iOS, MAC and UWP).

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