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End of Support for TIBCO Scribe Insight

TIBCO retires Scribe Insight on November 30, 2022. Maintenance of the platform will be continued up to this date.

We do Microsoft CRM

We have extensive experience with Dynamics 365.


Need a CRM solution using the latest technology? Let's talk. 

We do integrations

We do integrations between all kinds of systems and formats.


Simple .csv import or complex transactions? We'll handle it.


We do development

We build applications that support your needs and add business value. 


iOS, Android, Windows or a desktop application? 

We build it.

Our partners

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CRM and integrations? Bring it on - we are ready.

2018-314 Anders Jeppesen 10x10-018.jpg
2018-314 Anders Jeppesen 10x10-018.jpg

"The benefits from developing system integrations make it possible to utilize the power in each system - instead of trying to have a complex system doing it all.


It also makes data transparent across systems, business units and countries.

Integration enhances the power of your data, allowing you to run a more efficient business and treat your customers better, helping you stay ahead of the competition."

Anders Jeppesen – Founder of Global Solutions 365

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